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Embarrassed and disappointed
by bmcnair
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Well, last week I blogged about being disappointed in the lack of sportsmanship of the other team not to take a knee when an opposing player was injured. I guess I was expecting some courtesy on their part.
BUT after what some of the SEHS players did this week by creating a vulgar video about ECHS and posting it on the Internet, I am thoroughly disgusted, disappointed and embarrassed by their actions as an Effingham resident.
First, I can not believe they made the video. I did not see the video personally but have talked to other adults that viewed the trash before it was removed from the Web (removed for being too offensive). Second, I can't believe that they were stupid enough to wear their school jerseys in the video (Buddy that crosses the line from being something you are doing on your own time to "representing" the school in whose jersey you are wearing.).
Some of you may be saying kids will be kids. That is fine to have some fun with the cross-county rival during the week of the big game, but what they did crosses the line of a friendly rivalry.
I just hope our school administration provides appropriate discipline for their actions. A person called our office the other day saying that the administration is ruining "our" season by some of the discipline they are imposing. To that I say, the administatration is taking responsibility for the actions of their students. The players involved in that exploit should have been thinking about their future before they chose to make and post the video.

MY views are my personal views and do not represent the views of any of my coworkers or my place of employment.

Last Activity: Sep 30, 2008 at 12:47 PM

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